Forms – PSA (Public Service Announcement)

PSA Application Guidelines

  • PSAs must be submitted through the radio website. Radio UTD doesn’t accept submissions via phone, email or in person.
  • PSAs should be submitted at least 3 weeks before the event.
  • All PSAs aired on Radio UTD must adhere to FCC guidelines and regulations. That includes language and content.
  • Only campus organizations and departments are allowed to air PSAs on Radio UTD.
  • Additionally, if your organization is eligible for PSA service, you cannot solicit funds, solicit for volunteers to solicit funds or promote a “members only” event.
  • PSAs cannot mention prices or refer to discounts or sales of any kind, however, you may tell listeners that tickets are available for an event. If an event is free, the PSA may say that its “open to the public.”
  • PSAs submitted to Radio UTD cannot qualify a product, service or event as something that may be more or better in some way than another product, service or event.
  • Fundraisers must be promoted as an event with a brief statement detailing who will benefit.
  • PSAs cannot include event sponsors or calls to action. PSAs that include imperative statements will not be aired on Radio UTD.

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